Vacuum Hair Cutter, Hair Cutting System For Home Use
American engineering, the brand new and redesigned home haircutting system cuts your hair
evenly into the recessed blades and trims it precisely. The results are a refreshing vacuum
haircut. With a little practice you can give yourself a great layer style cut. Granted it works best on
straight hair but it looks every bit as good as one you could get in a barber shop. This is the best
hair cutting kits offered right here for less! The vacuum haircut can hook directly onto most
vacuums. As the hair is drawn through the spacers the cutting blades cut your hair at the perfect
length. The hair is then drawn into the vacuum so there is never mess up your clothes, furniture
and floor!

It is So Easy to Make a Right Decision!

You can buy this product and spend less than if would take to send a family of four to the hair
store. Not only will you save time and money but, you get a perfect cut every time. Because the
spacers set the length you can't cut it any shorter by accident. Enjoy your hairs cut at your own
home. Getting a haircut is something we all have to do if you want to look halfway decent, but If
you're the one of those people that just hates to go to the barber shop once a month and shell
out bucks for a haircut, then you need to get yourself a set of vacuum hair cutter. The vacuum
hair clipper cost you nothing if you figure what you pay someone to trim your hair plus the tip, it
pays for itself in less than a year. Also, it can give you a last-minute touch-up before a party, or a
precision trim every week with hair cutting system. You'll be saving money and looking good all
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Home hair cuts, what everyone needs!
Reviewer: Steve L. from Ontario Canada.  Mon July, 02 2007

I Own my first vacuum hair cutter for twenty years, it finally gave out. Bought my new one and I’m very
pleased with the outcome of my haircuts. My new vacuum clippers cut exceptionally well. I would
recommend this product package to everyone who interested.
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How Does the Vacuum Hair Cutter Work?
Cutting Your Own Hair with a Vacuum Hair Cutter

Vacuum hair clipper comprises a hollow hand carry having an outlet adapted to be connected to
a vacuum source, such as the normal vacuum cleaner, and an intake adapted to be applied to
the scalp to draw the hair into the casing. A stationary blade and a pivoted cutting blade are
located just inside the intake. An air turbine, actuated by the air stream moving through the
casing, drives the pivoted blade in a scissor-like reciprocating movement to cut the hairs and
remove them by suction. Intake extensions of various lengths and shapes are attached to the
casing to vary the length of the uncut hair.

The Best Hair Cutting for Human Hair, Synthetic Hair and Pet's Hair

Because the vacuum hair cutter can be connected to a normal home vacuum cleaner. And it has
a cutter head with different angle and length attachments. A hose runs from the cutter head to
the vacuum and what it does is suck up your hair and cuts it and the cut hair is deposited into
the vacuum. So there's NO mess at all! The unwanted hair never get hair down your collar that
can make you miserable until you get home and wash it off.

How To Use Vacuum Hair Cutter:

The vacuum hair cutter itself is simply a hair clipper with a hose that can attach to a vacuum
cleaner (with hose capabilities) that cleans up all the
hair being cut off your head. By attaching the unit to your vacuum, you can give yourself a haircut
in the comfort of your own home without having to
sweep up afterwards.
Product Specification:

Vacuum hair cutting system size: length 8.75" x width 1.75" x height 2.75". Power supply:110v/60hz 400w. Weight:6.75LB.. Simple on/off switch. Only
5.1oz total weight.
Vacuum Hair Cut Tips
  • Vacuum haircutting can work much faster
    and easier than giving a haircut with
    scissors. And another cool benefit is that the
    vacuum automatically sucks up the bits of
    hair, so there's no haircut mess to clean up.
    That means no itchy shirt as well.

  • Trim your hair on a regular basis but no need
    wait for 6-8 weeks, because you can have a
    vacuum haircut any time you want and it can
    avoid split ends and fly-aways.

  • If the ends of your hair (and layers) are
    getting fuzzy, you're overdue for a trim.

  • When growing out a bad haircut, utilize
    accessories, bandanas and hats to your
    advantage. Make sure you keep it trimmed
    properly when it's growing out.

  • Understanding your style. Ask friends and
    family that have hair you like where they go.
    This way, you can learn from others, which
    will give you much more confidence to do it

  • Don't just cut your hair styling that you want
    a change, or you just want it short. Cut out a
    few pictures from magazines to let them
    know what you want. Because it can tell you
    if the cut and style isn't right for you.

  • If you want to cut your long hair short, try
    doing it gradually to avoid major changes.

  • Wear bangs (fringes) to cover flaws, fine
    lines and wrinkles in your forehead.

  • If your hair is long, coarse and frizzy, opt for
    long layers to remove extra bulk

  • The beauty of vacuum hair cutting is you can
    give yourself a last-minute touch-up before a
Reviewer: Tom W. from Waterbury, CT.  Fri June 22, 2007

I just purchased this for my wife and so far we've had no problems with it. It comes with a lot of different
lengths so you should be able to find the perfect length. I like that it comes with cleaning supplies and a
nice, see-through box to put everything in. One thing to note is that is really vibrates a lot when it’s on, but
it gives good results and is worth it for the price. I'll be able to cut all family members for years.
The best hair clipper for home!
Reviewer: Jimmy H. from Dieppe, NB.  Wed Apr 25, 2007

I have super thick hair, and I had been trying to cut it for several times a month. The hair all mess up
everywhere. I thought I was just terrible at getting the job done, but the moment we used this vacuum hair
clipper I knew the problem wasn't me, it was the cheap thing I had been using before! This cutter is
powerful and edgy. It finished the job in half the time with 10 times better results. It's easy to clean and
works like a dream! The price just couple haircuts, it's worth!
Hair Cutter Vacuum
Exclusive Less Noise Design, Retractable Cable,
Build-In AC Power Supply Adapter
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Versatile enough...and Recommended!
Reviewer: Janet P. from California.  Sun Sept, 23 2007

I cut my husband’s hair every other week, he prefers not really short buzz cut. Vacuum hair cutter allows
for quick and smooth cutting. It is versatile enough to cut the crown hair and then shave the neck only
need to change 2 attachments, (very simple) and continue to cut. Need to given buzz cuts and the clipper
handles the uneven length hair with ease. Recommended!
Vacuum Hair Cutter
Offers Gentler Suction and Cutting. Including 10
Extenders, Up To 6 Inches. Vacuum Sold Separately
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Available Soon!
Vacuum Hair Cutter Can Fit On Most Regular Home Vacuums

This is a brilliant hair tool that combines the forces of a hair clipper and a vacuum, the vacuum
hair cutting system allows you to cut your own hair without having to clean up the mess that is
usually left behind. The product itself was developed and improved by American carpenter who
was frustrated by the inability of his industrial vacuum to serve as a personal grooming tool. It is
so very impress by the simplicity of use of this product. The unit is compatible with 95% of home
vacuums standard hoses which available on market!
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