Hair Removal System
There’s still a better way to get rid of
unwanted hair permanently
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Hair Removal System
The Best Hair Removal System

The permanent hair removal system is most advanced scientific hair removal treatment. The
incredible new technologies can remove hair from the root, by using cool dry wave through the
hair and eradicate the hair regain own ability.

It’s one of the beat hair removal product and has become increasingly popular worldwide. If
compare with other electrolysis hair removal treatment, it could be the best home hair removal
tool either for facial hair removal or body hair removal.
How To Use The Best Hair Removal System

The best hair removal system is the professional salon hairstyles #1 recommended product. Clean hair that will make the best hair removal
system easier to pick the right hair to remove, that also to prevent product buildup from blocking the cool dry wave functions. If necessary, to use a
moisturized paper towel to clean the best hair removal system before and after operation.

Product Specification

Portable hair removal system that operate on 110-220 Volts. Size: length 12.75" x width 15.25" x height 16.5" . Use 2 AAA battery to operate. on/off
switch. 3.15 LB total weight. We do not recommend to use the hair removal system everyday. Follicles will need time to recover. Use a moisturized
paper towel to clean your hair removal system before or after operation.
Hair Removal Tips
Hair grows on all parts of the human body
except on the palms, the lips, certain areas of
private organs and the soles of the feet. The
commonly used methods for hair removal are
waxing, trimming and shaving. The areas from
which hair removal is done are face, head,
eyelashes, chest, abdomen, private organs,
face, legs, armpits and back.

The primary reason for hair removal is to
improve looks. Other reasons include medical,
social or cultural, sexual, religious or military
reasons. Women frequently remove some or all
of their body hair (of course leaving head &
eyelashes etc) to improve their attractiveness.

A variety of Hair removal products and
processes are available in the market to remove
unwanted hair. Hair removal products and
processes work by both chemical and physical
means. Chemical products include formulations
that chemically breakdown the hair. Physical
methods are also used for hair removal. The act
or removing hair is termed as epilation or
depilation. Generally depilatories contain waxes
which solidify on the skin after applying it and
are pulled off.

Hair removers are available in many different
forms such as creams, gels, lotions, and
aerosols. The hair removing materials are mixed
with other chemicals like diluents, emollients,
thickeners, fragrances, and colorants.

Permanent Hair Removal Product and
Processes: The products for permanent hair
removal include processes like electrolysis,
laser hair removal, intense pulsed lamps method
and products include oral medication and

Temporary Nature Products And Processes:
There are several products/processes available
in the market by which hair can be removed
temporarily. The methods include manual
shaving, electric shaving, use of rotary
epilators, waxing, plucking, sugaring, threading
etc. These methods vary from being slightly
irritating to painful. Threading is unpopular
because of the pain in the process. Depilatories
include powders and hair removing creams.

Cost : Cost is a factor to be considered when
contemplating hair removal. As a thumb rule, the
temporary hair removal processes/products are
much cheaper to permanent hair removal
products and processes.
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Great product but not perfect!
Reviewer: Josephine from Boston, MA.  Sat Nov 17 2007

I have a serious problem with hair growth in my chin and this machine works well. It remove facial hair from
the root like magic, and clean the area completely. But hair need to have certain length for it to work. I did
not find it painful, some areas develop a rash but not really significant. It's quicker than a twizzer and for
finishing the area you wouldn't need to use the tweezers. The re-growth hair wouldn't be terribly coarse
and thick. Thank you, whoever you are, for inventing this!
Reviews Summary
Not disappointed
Reviewer: Leila from Ridgewood NJ.   Fri Oct 05 2007

I ordered this because I just don't have the time to get to the salon for regular waxing and I have bruised
myself trying to bikini wax at home. I recommend it to family, friends too.
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Advantages or Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

So what are the facts surrounding a laser hair removal treatment. Firstly you should look at the
cost and the stronger laser work on your body but it only offer long lasting hair removal is not
permanent hair removal. Secondly, it should be noted that although many reports about hair
removal safety but a number of the scientific data still need to look into the worst part can
creates swelling, redness, bleeding pores that lasts for several days and may even cause
permanent scarring.

What are Advantages of The Best Hair Removal System?

The best hair removal system uses very mild electrical current to render hair follicles inactive but
there can be re-growth after a period of time although this hair re-growth is often greatly reduced
and hair appears much lighter in color and finer.

The best hair removal system is considered extremely safe if performed properly and by
qualified specialists, and most of clients have reviews long lasting results and even permanent
hair removal. The hair removal treatment can work very details for facial hair removal and bikini
hair removal. It even can be carried out on large areas such as the back hair removal, body hair
removal in one session. If there is re-growth after hair removal treatment, that must be lighter
and finer in texture than before. The best hair removal can be virtually painless when compared
with waxing and electrolysis as a means of body hair removal. Any disadvantages of the best
hair removal system? Yes, scientific data and research is still limited and therefore claims can
not be fully verified. Obviously, dark color hair will easier for human vision to pick up, but doesn’t
mean the hair removal treatment wouldn’t effective on blonde, red or gray hair.
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Customer Service
Disappointed cause I can't order more
Reviewer: Marina from St Charles, MO.  Wed Dec 9 2008

Just got it, Looks pretty good overall, Super lightweight, I’ve purchased many this drives over the years,  
this is a better way to go. I never really got great performance with these system and it's reliability at best.
Well, finally my tests and use it, all our clients love it, but for some reason out of stocks can't buy again.