Few Tips For How To Use Hair Steamer For Hair Care

Washing your hair before use the hair steamer. That will allow the moist warm air easier get
into the hair. For better longer lasting results. Before the processing, you can put on henna or
moisturizing protection products for long hair care even curly hair care. The most effective warm
steam can work quickly and deep into the every hair. Generally steam you hair no more than 2
times in a week for about 15 to 20 minutes to get the full benefit from it. After your hair steamer
treatment you hair will feel a little heavier and full of moisture, during this time handle your hair
with care, wait for the hair and scalp have cooled down until styling.
Product Specification

Full size of hair steamer: deep 15.25" x width 14.75" x height 29.5". Power supply:110v/60hz
400w. Weight:6.75LB. Product needs a simple assembling. Note: For the 220V power supply
country (UK or some European countries) you need a 220V to 110V power converter device.
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Ionic Hair Comb
Healthy and Beauty Hair Care

Most women long for a head full of beautiful, manageable hair, and are willing to do plenty to
learn how to get it. The good news is that with a few basics in the hair care department, you can
sport a beautiful mane every single day. The key is in knowing the right products to use and the
best methods for keeping your hair healthy and with style. You can find the best ways to care for
your hair by talking to your stylist about your individual needs and preferences, or do research
online and magazines. There is plenty of information available on hair care; you just need to
take the time to educate yourself on the best hair care products and routines for you!

Healthy hair care have to use natural hair care products!

Hair washing is the first step to a healthy but sometime when you go out and don't want lost the
style in special occasions. Do you know that there is actually a right or wrong way to perform the
steps to deal with static hair? According to some professional stylists, there are a number of
common hair problems need immediately to take care of, but somehow the timing and situation
not allow you to get moisture for your hair to stop static, how?

How to take care of hair static and hair knots with ionic hair comb?

Sometimes when you take off you hat or jacket, you look like you've just seen a horrible movies.
That is hair static! We know that is just part of life. But, how to stop it? Little moisture is good but
lots of moisture may be not that good for the hair style. Another common problem is hair knots.  
All hair is different and responds to weather and environmental changes differently. Ionic Hair
Comb is the natural hair care product for all types. Just couple brush you can see the difference
right away! The battery operate comb that you can use it anytime and any where you want.
How To Use Ionic Hair Comb

Clean hair will make the Ionic Hair Comb more effectively improve the appearance easier get through the hair without being obstructed by oils,
epiphyte, and dandruff, that also to prevent product buildup from blocking the treatment functions. You can keep it in your handbag or purse, use it
anytime and anywhere you like. For better maintenance, use a moisturized paper towel to clean the Ionic Hair Com if necessary.

Product Specification

Ionic Hair Comb size: length 6.75" x width 1.25" x height 1.75". Use 2 AAA battery to operate. Simple on/off switch. Only 2.1oz total weight. (similar to
the normal comb weight).
The Best Hair Care Tips
  • Gentle brush your hair regularly with ionic
    comb or ozone O3 comb before going to bed
    every night.

  • Try to use the mild shampoo. Never put too
    much but enough to cover hair completely
    with lather. Keep hair manageable with
    simple style.

  • Try not to brush wet hair. That will cause the
    hair to stretch and easier break. Use a wide
    tooth comb or ionic comb instead of a brush
    to gently remove the knots.

  • Blow drying can damage your hair. The
    process of blow drying is harsh on hair as it
    robs it of moisture.

  • It is better to use natural hair care products
    that with moisture hair treatment (henna)
    instead as a conditioner and coloring agent.

  • Receipt calcium from natural food. Best
    sources from nuts, seeds, beans and soy

  • Hold the hair dryer away from your hair.
    Direct heat of the air from hair dryer down
    hair shaft and not directly into the roots and
    always keep it moving.

  • Try not to brush hair right after a perm. Let
    the hair have time to recover.

  • Cut the split ends of the hair that will help to
    protect the rest.

  • If pulling the hair backward tightly that will
    cause hair loss or break.

  • Rubber band can easily pull and damage you
    hair considerably.

  • Put on a head cover when need to go out
    under the direct heat of the sun.

  • Stimulation massages your head with vitamin
    E oil that will make hair soft and silky.  

  • Washing your hair with worm water, it is not
    necessary turn it into too hot or too cold.

  • Learn to relax. Stress can cause hair loss.

  • Vitamin B, C and E can help to maintain the
    hair in good shape. Try to receipt iron and
    minerals in the natural form in your diet.

  • Oily hair should less consume on fried food
    and fat.
Hair Steamer for Home Use (Not Dryer, 100% Original Design)

This hair steamer build with (ion vapour) feature which is the an innovate function for hair care
and hair styling. The space saver design. Now, you can enjoy the advanced development at your
own home. It is the ideal for permanents, coloring and deep heat conditioning. The hair steamer
provides moist warm air as a very mild alternative to the conventional heat sources. That will
help to stimulate the scalp, improve blood  circulation, prevent hair breakage and hair loss. Plus
it will save you lots of time to wait for an endless appointment.

This Countertop Hair Steamer You Can't Find In Local Stores!

The multi function unit can be used as a facial steamer. It's easy to use, just add water, plug
it in and steam away. You can apply for any hairstyling rollers or hairstyling rods, position the
nozzle exactly as desired to apply the steam vapor to your hairpiece or wig. It is one of the best
hair care supplies for home user, also, these are the most natural and healthy hair products for
both human hair and synthetic hair. The portable lightweight design can be used anytime,
anywhere you want. Customer satisfaction has been defined.
Hair Steamer (New and Improved)
Hair Steamer, Countertop & Portable
The greatest for hair care & styling. Moist warm air
ensure better circulation to prevent hair loss
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Ionic Hair Comb
Stop hair static and smooth your hair in a simple
effective way. The Ideas at work
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The Wonderful Features You Should Know!

  • The multi function design, it can be used as a facial steamer.
  • This hair steamer build-in ion vapour which is the greatest addition new feature.
  • Safety alarm system will automatic turn on when the steamer need to add water etc...
  • The lightweight and space saver design, you can use it at your home, office or traveling.
I love it with the right products!
Reviewer: Suzanne from Centreville Virginia.  Sun Oct, 28 2007

I have a lot of course dyed grey hair. I steam my hair with ionic keratin treatment at home, and all my hair
making it smooth and shinny for the first time in 15 years. My hair looks great making me look 15 years
younger. It's so easy to use, and really delivers what it promises. I have even purchased a second one,
just in case something happens to the one I have.
The best comb ever!
Reviewer: Whitney from Valdosta, GA.  Wed Aug 29, 2007

This ionic hair comb works really well and save me time. So I know how important a good hair product can
be. I had the comb lost last week at the show. So I thought about getting a new one...Love it!
Exceeded all expectations
Reviewer: Andrina from Detroit, MI.  Mon Apr 30, 2007

Don't worry if you have long hair, but it will suck a little more  time. Overall It's easy to use and affordable.
I've used and wasted so much money on other products and none of them were able to achieve the look I
wanted. The first time I used it, people thought I had gone to a salon. Thanks hair-only.com for supplying
this great product!
I am extremely happy...and can not wait to inform other people...
Reviewer: Kim P. from New York NY.  Thu May, 15 2008

My experience with the steamer along with the henna treatment was a great one. The results from the
steamer and the ionic henna treatment combined made my hair much more manageable and as well as
provided an amazing shine to my hair.  I will use the steamer and the treatment as often as possible.  I felt
extremely comfortable under the steamer and did not want to remove myself from under the device.  I am
extremely happy with my product and can not wait to inform other people of my new found love for the
hair steamer and henna treatment.
Great for my dorm room!
Reviewer: Pat. from California La.  Thu Aug, 18 2008

This hair steamer is extremely easy to use and convenient. The moisturized heat can saturate the henna
so that the hair feels soft and silky. I left it on for ten minutes and it works. I think if I use it twenty minutes
next time (I have long hair) it would probably work better. If the cap design changes into one piece, I would
give 5 stars rating. I highly recommend it.
Product Specification

The size of this vertical professional hair steamer: deep 16.75" x width 15.5" x height 59". Power
supply:110v/60hz 650w. Weight: 13 LB. The steam temperature output: 55 °C = 131 °F. Product
needs a simple assembling. Note: For the 220V power supply country (UK or some European
countries) you need a 220V to 110V power converter device.
Vertical Professional Hair Steamer
The best hair steamer for salon or home user.
Excellent for priming with Its equipped thermostat.
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Product Features

  • This is the best hair processor for professional use in steam hair.
  • Perfect hair tool for professional hair salon, but also satisfy home user.
  • Excellent for priming, conditioning, hair processing, hair coloring or hair dye.
  • Wonderful features 1-60 minutes automatic timer. Able setting for different purpose.
  • Stand is height adjustable from 32.5” to 59”. It can rotate 360 degrees to fit your needs.
It can be used as a facial steamer as well
Improve blood circulation, Help to reduces
wrinkles, fine lines and brown spots. Loss of
firmness, Skin thinning. Help to lessen skin
roughness. Improves skin tone...etc
( Facial Steamer Attachment Was Included )
Order HotLine: 1-212-233-5196
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Customer Service
I will share your link with my friends...
Reviewer: Carol ƒº. from Maryland Silver Spring.  Thu April 6, 2011

I really want to thank you guys for your speed service with my order (Hair Steamer ) when I thought I had
a problem with my product you guys were quick to respond to my email that was sent. I just wanted to say
thank you and I will share your link with my friends to purchase  the hair steamer.